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Licensing Business

We offer a turnkey solution for personal training studios and commercial gym chains. The primary focus of our licensing business is the new concept fitness studios established to meet the increasing demand of affluent, educated, middle class individuals with higher brand awareness and loyalty, usually from ages 28 to 55. Our typical licensees are either entrepreneurs or fitness professionals and teams with established track records who share the same vision of building the next-generation of multi-dimensional fitness centers. We work closely with our licensees and offer the following services:

            ●          Site selection and preparation;

            ●          Designing and build-out;

            ●          Outfitting their facilities with our proprietary state-of-the-art equipment and related products;

            ●          Comprehensive pre-opening support;

            ●          Installation of intuitive members management systems and in-depth training;

            ●          Integrating social communication apps;

            ●          Training services for personal trainers and coaches; and

            ●          In-person training and virtual training which gives greater flexibility and convenience to time poor users

We assisted our first licensee, Js & Je Company Limited, in opening 6 mYSTEPS fitness centers in Eastern China as of April 25, 2022.





With more than two decades of experience in the fitness market and constant innovative product development based on feedback collected over the years from our customers, we are developing a model that allows fitness users to access the flexibility of virtual training platforms with connected machines or in-person offline training modules in the licensed studios. We believe this offering not only promotes broader awareness and acceptance of the online and offline model in the fitness industry, but also delivers unique fitness experiences to broader gym goers to increase exercise frequency virtually while encouraging the development of experiences at offline studios with interactive programs.

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